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Weird Shit on Korean TV: Movies that Inexplicably Speak to Erin

I would guess that most foreigners in Korea don’t spend much time in front of their Samsung TVs because our homes are little English islands full of English books, English music and English TV/movies on the internet. Sometimes, though, you just don’t want to lay in bed with your laptop resting on your stomach, the screen 6 inches from your face. (Read: you are hungover.) This is the critical time when you turn on your TV and hope to God there’s an American/British film on NOT starring Steven Seagal. (Although his website is the most amazing combination of martial arts, arrogance and energy drinks you’ve ever seen.)

Steven Seagal, pandering to his audience

It is this precise circumstance that has brought you this list – a list of 5 inexplicably overplayed English-language films on Korean TV. And why I can’t stop watching them.

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We Love You Long Time

This, friends, is The Wanderlust Diary’s 100th post. WOOOOOHOO! Now, this might not mean much to you (except that you’ve had to change your pants 100 times because you peed yourself laughing), but Megan and I are the sort of people who get an idea, get really excited about it, drink a bottle of champagne to celebrate it, then decide it’s too hard. Follow thru, not for the faint of heart. So this here blog is something of an achievement for two people who can’t finish a head of lettuce before it starts to liquify in the crisper.

To celebrate, I’ve made you a list of 100 best things you should know about Korea…

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One of These Things is Not Like Others

Where’s Waygook?

My third week of teaching, I stood before a class of very confused ten year olds. Seems like a given, right? The average Korean student spends about 90% of English class without any clue what is going on, but this time it was different. The kids weren’t perplexed over the subtle differences between “vase” and “base” or “fork” and “pork”, nor the mind-boggling similarities among ‘to’, ‘two’ and ‘too’. This time it was because they couldn’t locate the imagined photographer in the room. Continue reading

Seoulja Boy

In lieu of Erin writing about K-pop today, TWD has a very special guest contributor: Korea’s own hip hop icon, G-Dragon.


Yo yo yoooooo, it’s ya boy GD, burnin up dese hoes like I was a VD! Naw son, chlamydia ain’t no joke. Getcha junk straight cleaned up befo’ ya hit da club,  heard? Anywayz, some Erin bitch up in herr be all like, G-Dragon, you ain’t no gangsta MC. But I be all like, yo grrl, yo’ punk ass gotz da rightz to remain silent and shit. Then I be all like, pop and lock!Then she be all like, aw why you so fine an’ shit, G? G-Dragon done made a fool outta yo ass. Recognize, 4 realz.

Dis year, me an’ my boy TOP be layin down some mad rhymes-uh, so get yo fine ass on da flo an’ let me see dem tittays. Peep my video, grrl:

(Ed: Can’t see it? Go here.)

Iz dat legit enough fo you?! Aaaaaaaw yeah, dat shit be crazay! Me an’ my crew be all up in da club,  sippin on soju and bangin some hoes! Nawm just jokin, we be straight proper up in herr. Respek deez bitches.

Ya’ll know we be wearin some fly ass shit up in therr too, you feel me? Shoulder pads be hella tight this year, an’ you know you already done shaved ya eyebrowz like a brotha, an’ don’t fahget, you won’t be tappin shit widdout ya eyeliner. GD – bringin da fashion to yo fine ass since 2008.

Yo grrl, you know I wanna stay and play and shit, but G-Dragon gotz to bounce -uh. Don’ worry, I be back next time dis triflin punk ass bitch try an say I ain’t got moves and grooves. Pray for ODB. Word is born.

Erin Writes Haikus #1

again, window gapes

Again, window gapes/sharp wind off the Yellow Sea/my balls, they freeze off

man, love my blue eyes

Man, love my blue eyes/but say no more; love like this/inflames my white guilt

land of morning calm

Land of morning calm/because you can’t buy coffee/until 2 p.m.

annyeong haseyo

Annyeong haseyo/five syllables to say “hi”/note: good for haiku

But, seriously

But, seriously/it’s two degrees Celsius/Why not close windows?


So we made it to Seoul and we’re mid-vacation, meaning slightly hungover but making the best of it!

Yesterday was one of the rainiest days I have ever witnessed, thus our plans to do a bus tour of all the major touristy points were, well, rained all over.  So instead we headed to COEX Shopping Center. Which isn’t just a ‘shopping center’. It’s an ENORMOUS shopping complex, complete with mall, aquarium, airport and grocery store (there’s a lot more stuff too).  Koreans love their shopping, so it was a pretty good way to experience Seoul on a crappy day.

The day ended in Itaewon at a bar that had cheapy Jameson shots.  One shot led to another, there were a few mini dance parties, a tour of one of the more prostitute-populated neighborhoods, and an amazing spicy chicken pita thing from a food truck (!!!).

Overall it was a good first day in Seoul.  But, shockingly, it made for kind of a rough morning today.  We spent the afternoon chillin’ in Hongdae, near our hostel.  Hongik University is right here and there are tons of cafes, bars and street art.  We walked for hours and still didn’t see all of  neighborhood.

I did, however, locate my taco truck (not open for the holiday but still awesome cuz I know where to find it on Friday).  Erin spotted the Condomania!, teehee.  And we saw some freakin awesome graffiti and mural sort of paintings.

More Seoul tomorrow! And eventually a more detailed account of our adventures (hello, I know you want pictures from Condomania!)


Saw It In A Movie…

Apparently Martin Scorcese’s new movie is out today. You might have heard of it: Shutter Island. I haven’t seen it, so I can’t say one way or another if it’s cinematic gold or trash, but I do know that movies are spectacular ways to get me interested in a place. Casablanca makes me feverish for Morocco and cigarettes.

That said, movies are also great for telling me where I shouldn’t be going, often in gruesome ways.  I will forever stick to the roads and beware the moors because of An American Werewolf in London.

Go here for a list of bad vacation spots, brought to you by Hollywood. They’re pretty spot on.