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Weird Shit On Korean TV: Bob Ross?!

I lived in Chicago when Bernie Mac died, and everyday the terrible bus I rode as some karmic punishment (read: my commute) went directly beneath this enormous billboard of Bernie Mac’s grinning face and everyday I was like, “Man, that guy died of the flu, which is one of the bigger bummers out there considering it’s the 21st century, and here he is smiling at me from an enormous  billboard, but he’s been dead for like a year now so I feel like this is creepy and I cannot help but ponder my own fragile existence.” It might have been this exact picture:

The grim face of mortality.

So anyway, guess who I spotted on TV the other day: Bob Ross. And not in the capacity you might expect.

Is this the same Bob Ross of “The Joy of Painting”, you ask? The be-‘froed, gentle renaissance man Bob Ross? The Bob Ross who passed away in 1995?

I say to you, the same.

Only now, he’s hawking smart phones in commercials and reminding you that your image is apparently public domain or something in South Korea and that death is no reason for people to stop making money off you or whatever.

I use my smart phone to communicate from beyond the grave.

And it’s all creepy cgi-ed and there’s some dude dressed up as Bob Ross demonstrating how he can use his phone on the subway. It’s just so….unsettling. Of all the dead American celebrities out there, you choose Bob Ross, Korea. Another great mystery to this waygook.

In slightly less weird Dead Person News, one will occasionally spot the odd Billy Mays commercial. But dubbing doesn’t do the man justice.


For the first time ever, I have discovered a relevant video. This is NOT the commercial I saw when I took the above photo, but it’s obviously related. How  weird is it that there appears to be a whole SERIES of Bob Ross commercials in Asia?

Is it just me? Tell me this is weird:

Weird Shit on Korean TV: Movies that Inexplicably Speak to Erin

I would guess that most foreigners in Korea don’t spend much time in front of their Samsung TVs because our homes are little English islands full of English books, English music and English TV/movies on the internet. Sometimes, though, you just don’t want to lay in bed with your laptop resting on your stomach, the screen 6 inches from your face. (Read: you are hungover.) This is the critical time when you turn on your TV and hope to God there’s an American/British film on NOT starring Steven Seagal. (Although his website is the most amazing combination of martial arts, arrogance and energy drinks you’ve ever seen.)

Steven Seagal, pandering to his audience

It is this precise circumstance that has brought you this list – a list of 5 inexplicably overplayed English-language films on Korean TV. And why I can’t stop watching them.

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Weird Shit on Korean TV: The Pride of Mr. Bujpai

Weird Shit on Korean TV is back by popular demand! Yay!

Anyone who spends just a few minutes flipping channels on Korean cable will inevitably notice that Koreans are fascinated by strange things out of India. I can’t tell if it’s a specific program, “Strange Things Out of India”, or if it’s just a program about weird people and a lot of them happen to be from India, either way…

A few weeks ago Erin and I flipped the channel to an Indian man standing in front of a picture he was painting. It was a picture of Jesus. A picture of Jesus that he was painting with his tongue.

Apparently this guy is sort of famous, though I can’t say the tongue painting improves the quality of the art. And it’s ooky.

Then just the other day I happened by another edition of “Strange Things Out of India”. In the spotlight this time? A man with a half foot of wiry black hair sticking out of his ears. Disgusting? I think so. Continue reading

Apologies and the Return of Smallface

Part 1 – Repentance

So Megan & I took an unexplained and unplanned hiatus. We’we sowwy. Can you find it in your vastly superior and better-looking hearts to forgive us? The blog-apathy and disappearing act are what happens when you have a whole bunch of 6-day weekends thrown at you by your employers (Are you listening, potential EPIK applicants? 6 Day Weekends, or, Winter in Korea.) and also when the weather starts climbing up into the 60s. Also, I’ve been really depressed since I saw Eric Clapton take a sarcastic old man dump on maybe my favorite song ever onstage. Did you know it’s possible to ruin “Layla”? It is. And God is dead and we’re all alone.

Part 2 – Smallface Strikes Back

We haven’t entirely forgotten about you, faithful internet. Here, we have pictures about weirdos and their obsessions with smallface. (What do you mean you didn’t read Part 1 of Smallface?) One is from the bitchiest tv show ever, in which Korean celebrities had their faces scrutinized for who had the smallest face. One picture is from me clambering on top of people inside a bus in Seoul to get a picture of an ad. I also tossed in a few photos from my upcoming coffee table book “Megan Is Angry At Me”. It’s fucking brilliant and fun for the whole family.See if you can guess which ones are which.

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Ok, so anyway, all of this is a way to say that we’ll be back to your normally scheduled programming tomorrow. Peace out, homes.

Weird Shit on Korean TV: Ass Play

You guys, do you even understand how many Google search hits I’m going to get with that title? Welcome, Fetishists!

In this week’s installation of “Weird Shit on Korean TV” I give you wonders the likes of which you would never see on prime time TV back home. I cannot fully explain what transpired; we are all the lesser for it. It was a magical time and place in the world, and all too brief. Behold:

Men in unitards – off to a good start.
okay, i’m with you so far. But the, uh, red scarf threaded between the legs? Explain.
Lift with your legs, bro. Wait….what?

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