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New Year, Take 2

Outlook Bleak

I sort of forgot I had a blog this week, and that’s because I’ve been living it up in the final days of the Year of the Tiger. I mean, who wouldn’t, when one is moving into the boner Year of the Rabbit? (click on this highly credible zodiac link) Anyway, now that Random Internet Astrologer has told me that I will still have no money this year, still make dubious employment decisions and probably break up with my fake boyfriend, I’m feeling pretty down. So Megan is taking me to Everland, the Land of Festival 365 Days of Year. Hijinx! Shenanigans!  Delightful photographs! Tune in next week for my burning thoughts on Korea’s take on Disneyworld. Also, drinking in Seoul.

PS: I have to go back to work next week, so I’ll be spending lots of quality time with you, Readers. I know I’ve been away a lot lately, Sport, so let’s play catch in the backyard and I’ll buy you an ice cream cone. Whattayasay?