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Music Madness: Contest! Prizes! Magic! Hyperbole!

Surprise! my Korean vocabulary is not so good. In cases where I’m expected to read and comprehend Korean, there is the ever-useful Google Translate. Google Translate is not only handy, but awfully amusing in the hands of me, a  delinquent procrastinator. This is how it works: insert Korean sentence – translate – see understandable, but ludicrous English translation – try again. Results get exponentially ludicrouser with each repetition.

It’s magical.

Using this same highly scientific process, Megan and I have made a little game for you. Here’s how it works: we’ve Google Translated the shit out of 10 pop song lyrics from English to Korean and back again. Whoever identifies the most titles AND artists of said songs correctly is the mothafuckin winner (x3! We’re going to have 3 fucking winners!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!)! You also probably want to be the first one to do so.

you too can be a winner

After you scroll through the lyrics, you’ll find a form at the bottom of the page. Feed your answers and info into that, then send! It’s convenient! (that is to say, politely, please don’t be a fucking boner and put your answers in the comments section thereby incensing my sense of sportsmanship and fair play and my inflated sense of pride at making something challenging. Also, I need your name and email so I can send you some as-of-yet undetermined prize. It might be a bottle of soju, it might be a Skype date with Megan, but it will totally be worth your while.)

Are we ready Lyrical Gangstas? To the game! (HINT: pictures and titles have nothing to do with anything.)

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