The opinions expressed in this blog are opinions of the writers, and are not necessarily representative of America, the United States of America, expats from America, or any other category the writers may fall into.  Similarly, while the writers may often generalize “Koreans this…” and “Koreans that…” they are aware that their experiences with certain Koreans do not always reflect the Korean people as a whole. Sometimes it’s just easier to say it that way.

Further, while it is more noble to be diplomatic, understanding, accepting and/or appreciative of all cultural differences experienced in another country, it’s not nearly as fun.  More importantly, however, it is not a true reflection of what it really feels like to live somewhere so different from the place one may be accustomed to.

For those who may be reading with the intention of coming to visit/live in South Korea, please keep in mind that the writers’ experiences are their own and that even within the EPIK program or the city of Gwangju, everyone’s adventure is unique.

And finally, for any haters that be hatin’, we don’t care.