About the Wanderlust

The addled minds of would-be expats bring you discouraged/hopeful/ immaculate rants/thoughts/dreams as they pull themselves out of murky mid-twenties boredom. They are in Gwangju, South Korea. If they don’t fuck it up.

4 responses to “About the Wanderlust

  1. “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked / in a South Korean prison” — early Ginsberg draft. 🙂 Excited to read all about your revisions.

  2. Like your style, I wish beer was better than the cornflake-flavoured fizzy water they have here…good job I’m vacationing home to England for three weeks. Planning on bathing in hops!

  3. i’m totally into you

  4. Intrepid.Reporter.

    I touch myself, and at times your website is open in the background.

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