Well, I’ve been walking past an ad for this:

Careful, this might kill you.

for a few months now. Looking at it has made me cringe many times. I simply could not fathom what it was, and hanging in a Lotteria window, I was extra afraid. Duk, cornflakes, beans..milk…? Whaaatttt?

Today, in the death-heat, my freakishly pregnant coworker decided she needed something to cool off and treated the whole office to (what was translated to me as) “red bean ice”. In Korean: patbingsu.  Sure.  I’m *literally* melting into a sweat puddle; I’d eat kimchi ice if it were presented to me.

About 15 minutes later a nicely dressed older gentleman from the bakery down the street showed up carrying five square styrofoam boxes (think cooler-style). Nestled inside each, a plastic bowl. At the bottom of the bowl, a layer of sugary red beans, a layer of frozen pineapple, strawberry and possibly mango, tossed with rice cake, and topped with shaved ice (like a snowcone).  I think there was dairy in here somehow too, but I didn’t actually see it.

“Mix!!” I was instructed. And so I did, setting aside the little baggie of cornflakes and reaching for the spoon that came tucked in the top of the styrofoam box. Apparently you are to mix patbingsu like you mix bibimbap: wholly (or the ajumma next to you will try to do it for you). Then when you have reached the proper level of homogeny, top with cornflakes. Voila!

This is a way yummier looking version if you ask me.

I’m surprised and pleased to say that this was a tasty treat. It could have something to do with the fact that it was 92 degrees in here when I ate it. But also, it was a nicely textured, uniquely chilled, fruity little snack. Try it! (I’m not responsible if you eat the Lotteria version though).

6 responses to “Enlightened

  1. The Lotteria version is crap. I’ve been dreaming of getting it from Paris Baguette.

  2. The Paris Baguette version is awesome, the one from KFC is pretty tasty too. And this is coming from someone who has an aversion to red bean in most forms!

  3. I’m always surprised when non-Korean folks like patbingsu. I figure beans and ice would be an automatic turn-off.

    • Haha, I only like red bean 50% of the time (usually only when I know it’s red bean and I’m not expecting chocolate). But yeah, I was surprised this was so tasty! I would eat another one right now

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