Fun with 공책

The Wanderlust Diary has a slight obsession with these crazy English notebooks (공책) in Korea. Last week we found one that may take the silly cake.

Before we delve into a good old fashioned WTF?! Analysis, we’d like to invite you to study this notebook cover and see if you can find 7-15 things that are wrong with it. (7-15 because there are at LEAST 7 but could be more depending on your definition of ‘wrong’).

How many did you find?

. “H” is missing in Hawaiin Punch. Gotta be the classiest way to skirt trademark laws.

2. the “C” is missing from Diet Coke.

3. But there’s an extra “Diet” thrown in there, in case you felt deprived.

4. “F” and “A” missing from FANTA.

5. “C” and “A” missing from “CocaCola”. Classic indeed.

6. an “E” is missing from the Sprite can. Also, some of it’s in Spanish.

7. a ‘T’ is missing from Moet & Chand Brut Imperial. Moe_ and Chand – Offical Bubbly of The Three Stooges?

If those weren’t enough for you, here’s some more stuff we found ‘wrong’….

a. What’s your style? Um, style of the inside of my fridge? I like to call it “Fromage Chic”.

b. Smilies ‘painted’ onto the bottlecaps. No, I didn’t do that; it was published this way. The artist took great pains to make sure each cap was different. We have smile with normal eyes, smile with wide set eyes, smile eating eyes…

c. Uncle Tobys Fruit-Fu. This originally looked like a Walgreens ad to me, which is to say all weekly circulars around the world must look identical because after a little research, I determined this is most likely from Australia, based on the Kirk’s Soft Drink on the other page. “Fruit-fu” is a way cooler name than “Nutrigrain Bar”.

d. A donut in a bowl. Australians? Are you responsible for this?

e. Receipt – One Sprite Can = 14.00 something…South African Rand (ZAR)? That would make this the most multi-continental notebook cover ever.

f. Don’t let this opportunity get away from you. The lead of this article goes like this:

“Pfizer has scrapped its most important pipeline drug  due to safety concerns, damaging the image of the world’s largest drugmaker and throwing its outlook into jeopardy.”

Okay. Where to start? What that has to do with this mystery ‘opportunity’ is never explained. The drug in question is torcetrapib. It’s a cholesterol drug or something that was discontinued at least 5 years ago because it started killing people. Where do people get these articles?!?!? And why won’t they hire me for this job?!?

g. Random sewing kit. In case while you’re lookin in your fridge at your Western sodas and reading your Western weekly circular, a button pops off your shirt and you need to sew it back on. Ta da!

8. MO – Museum tag. Just a keepsake.

3 responses to “Fun with 공책

  1. As a Diet Coke addict, I have to confess that I spaced out for a minute on whether a double-diet Coke would be more or less awesome. (2xDiet Coke: Now with double the aspartame and self-loathing!)

    Also, the champagne bottle is doubly offensive, because they also removed the -on from “Chandon”. Tres chic.

  2. By 8, do you mean h.? j/j Love your blog! I read it all the time! Keep it up!

  3. d) Upon close and careful analysis, I believe it may be a lamington in a bowl. Australians? You are most certainly responsible for this.

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