Shame Search Illustrated

Writing this blog has been an extremely rewarding experience for so many reasons, but the most unexpected has been the daily results of Search Engine Terms. On WordPress you can see what kinds of searches lead someone to your blog and how many views you get from it. Some of our top hits are “beard”, “karaoke” and “chihuahua”. A few pretty obscure phrases have worked their way in, like “hyperbola magick” and “pissing on new beligum”. But about once a week there is a super crazy, totally ridiculous, GOD I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THEY WERE ACTUALLY LOOKING FOR AND WHY term that appears on the list.

We have decided to share a few of these choice phrases with you in the form of silly cartoons. Don’t think about these too hard.

"choke dat hoe"

"swiss cheese on toilet"

"big cock n balls cut off with scissors"

3 responses to “Shame Search Illustrated

  1. I hadn’t checked our stats for ages, this week ‘her lust for penis’ came up! I am so happy.

    Also ‘why are Koreans obsessed with poop’ and ‘why is poop delicious?’

  2. “is a sunburn unattractive”

    “octopus do they talk?”

    “intanatinal handepone”

    “i feel like being stupide teacher of english”

    And my most cherished prize, indicating that I am at least informative: “what does boom boom mean in bangkok”

    My wonder is always: how, exactly, did these searches lead people to us? Did you guys have a big castration phase before I started reading?

  3. Your photoshop skills are mind boggling.

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