Shitty Teacher

One of my 5th grade vocab words this week is “city”, which seems pretty benign right? Except that in the Korean language the sound “see/si” does not exist. When an “s” or “x” or soft “c” sound is followed by a short “i” or a long “e”  sound, they automatically throw an “h” in the middle. Seat is sheet. Mexico is Mek-shee-ko. Can you see where this is going?

<Begin today’s  Bingo game.>

Student #1: Towah.


Student #2: Pickauneek.


Student #3: Shitty.

Me: <pause> What?

Student #3: Shiiittttty.

Me: <pause longer> Wh-shi—ah! CITY.

Guys, it’s really hard not to laugh at this. Like really, really hard. And it’s even harder when you remember the South Park City Wok Guy. I should feel bad about this (I once heard that South Park can be slightly offensive??), but I’m an asshole so I don’t. Also, I shouldn’t laugh at my students, but I’m a shitty teacher so I do.

7 responses to “Shitty Teacher

  1. Tangentially related:

  2. I want to watch the South Park soooooo bad … but my coteacher is standing not even 5 feet away from me. And my computer is hooked up to classroom speakers which means headphones are a no go.

    She’s one of the co-teachers I don’t like as much though. Maybe I’ll listen to it anyway?

    • I would be lying if I said I haven’t covertly watched it about 15 times today and chuckled every single time. Shitty beef.

  3. Sometimes you’ve just got to laugh!! Esepcially when South Park is involved

    Not long back we were doing time and when i was doing my rounds one student was having trouble. He couldn’t say clock. It came out as cock. So I’d be like ‘What time is it?’ and he’d say ‘it’s 5 o cock’ ‘it’s 6 o cock’. I started giggling and probably spent a little longer practising with him than necessary.

    Then there was the time the Grade 4 kid came over and asked me how to spell ‘fuck you’, well he came over and said ‘puck you, puck you teacher, puck you spelling?’ started laughing at that one too

    • Hahaha. Whenever my kids say ‘fuck’ I ignore it because I don’t know how many of them know what they’re saying, so I don’t want to encourage it. “6 o’cock” is awesome and there is no way I could keep a straight face!!

  4. A teacher and I today had a long conversation about how to pronounce the difference between “sheet” and “shit” because the kids kept calling her out when she would say “workshit.” She was dismayed to find out that they are not, actually, homonyms.

    • Sheet and shit! That’s a good one, I forgot! Sometimes my sixth graders laugh when I say worksheet, properly and not sounding like ‘workshit’. I don’t know how to convey that I am unimpressed. I want to be like, “Don’t worry, you’ll know when I actually say ‘shit’.”

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