Update: Englishee

Remember this: Englishee? Erin’s awesome analysis of the comicality that is the Korean English Notebook?

B) Something must be smiling. Not a person. Photoshop as necessary

I’ve scared up a few more notebooks to add to the collection.

Somewhere over the rainbow you will find a Cuban car with superimposed English bumper sticker near the Capitol Building.

This takes the cutesy cake for being totally bunny barfy. I have an special, irrational hate for this notebook.

Not the funniest, but I'm a ten year old boy, so "Hello! My name is Ddung!" makes me giggle.

Our friendship boner gets bigger when we play together.

2 responses to “Update: Englishee

  1. As a Washingtonian, I feel it necessary to point out that the building pictured on the car-themed Englishee notebook is not the White House. It’s the Capitol. Come on, red-blooded Americans!

    Also, these amuse me very much 🙂

    • As someone who grew up in Washington DC and went on field trip after field trip to said locations, I’m properly embarrassed by my error. Thanks Caitlin! Hahahaha.

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