We Love You Long Time

This, friends, is The Wanderlust Diary’s 100th post. WOOOOOHOO! Now, this might not mean much to you (except that you’ve had to change your pants 100 times because you peed yourself laughing), but Megan and I are the sort of people who get an idea, get really excited about it, drink a bottle of champagne to celebrate it, then decide it’s too hard. Follow thru, not for the faint of heart. So this here blog is something of an achievement for two people who can’t finish a head of lettuce before it starts to liquify in the crisper.

To celebrate, I’ve made you a list of 100 best things you should know about Korea…


The biggest list I could find is 14 items long. And it’s about North Korea. Please refer to the first paragraph for reasons why I didn’t construct said list myself. If the internet combined cannot find titillating tidbits about this nation, there’s no way I can.

Also, I’m not feeling particularly fond of Korea at this very moment, as my school is blasting some sort of radio melodrama told by disabled children (not making this up) at painful volumes. Oh look, accompanying sand art on TV. Why does everyone love sand art here?!

Fact: Sand art is a beloved in Korea. Jesus too.

Let’s get back on track. Today is a day of celebration. So while I have no idea why this noise is being broadcast at me, or the exact rules of how to play South Korean bingo/volleyball, or why every student I’ve taught for the last 8 months still gasps and points and freaks out when I walk into a classroom like they’ve never seen a white person before, or why we teachers must ride a bus 2 hours into the mountains to look at cherry blossoms JUST LIKE THE ONES BORDERING OUR PLAYGROUND AT SCHOOL, I’m doing okay. Living here has certainly given me the wherewithal to roll with the punches; to (reluctantly) accept without understanding; to realize fully what “outsider” means, and the shame and pride that come with it; to write and write and write; to be read.

So, cheers! Let’s drink to 100 rants, laments, diatribes, and exultations!

3 responses to “We Love You Long Time

  1. I feel you 100% here. This place has taught me so much about patience, how to roll with the punches and be laid back about things that seem important. Good life lessons I guess!

  2. Congratulations! I also look occasionally at the numbers on the WordPress dashboard, as it slowly mounts towards 100, and feel proud of myself. Proud of myself for sitting quietly on my butt, making jokes about Korea and taking pictures of dumb things which I then post on the internet. I’ve done it nearly 100 times!

    You should probably start reacting to your kids the same way, as though you’d never seen a Korean person before.

  3. Don’t leave!

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