It’s the end of Full Week #2 and my brain is mushy and still a little Guinness-logged. So I’m just gonna give you the highlights of my week.

1.) Today my teeny tiny fourth graders had to get up and do a role play that involved meeting the characters from Tom Sawyer, including Huck and Becky. It was super basic “Becky, this is Huck. Huck, this is Becky,” and “Nice to meet you!”. Anyways, I watched this role play about 15 times over the course of the morning.  When the last group got up to perform before lunch, this rolypoly kid with his underwear sticking out was cast as Huck. Before he spoke, he lit up an imaginary pipe, which was both startling AND hilarious. My coteacher was like “No no no” but he kept at for the full minute and a half, switching to pretend cigarettes and chain smoking, lighting and relighting while the rest of the kids did their dialogue. It was awesome. And random. And so funny.

Evidently, some Korean children are familiar with this picture...

2.) Sixth graders learned “Where are you from?” and I had to listen to the silly song about a hundred times. It also has a little surprise at the end. It sings merrily along, flashing pictures of mad stereotypes as these materials often do. But then it got to the kid from Canada…well, just look.

Qipao in China
Stuffy French lady? That’s about right.
Furry English hats? Duh.
Korean boys wearing pink? Yeah, that’s pretty accurate too.
Americans are cowboys? Well, okay. Cowboys are pretty badass. I’ll take it.
What the fuck Canada?

3.) My coteacher also showed this video to a few of my sixth grade classes to practice “Where are you from?” I tried to explain “This is very old, don’t judge Westerners by this video, guys.” But then Canada appeared again and I said, “Judge them. Judge them all you want. I am.”

8 responses to “Highlights

  1. My kids would piss themselves laughing if I showed them that video.

  2. I had a similar moment in class yesterday with the same lesson. I couldn’t help but snicker every time the American and Canadian came on. My kids were at a total loss. The 80’s clip of “where are you from?” was priceless as well. My co-teacher used the same video.

  3. Hilarious! And so true! So true!

    One question though: Huck Finn? I don’t teach the 4th graders this semester, did they get a book with Huck Finn in it?

    • This is a new book but it’s sort of like the others ones, just one of those role plays at the end of the chapter that has ‘familiar’ characters but makes no actually reference to the story or original piece of literature. Hahaha. Like all the rip off Disney stuff.

  4. My countrymen enjoy top hats. What’s it to you? We’re a Classy Country.

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