Wave of Mutilation

Yesterday I had one of those stunned conversations that everyone has been having since Friday. They go something like this –

A: Did you see what happened in Japan?

B: Yeah, oh my god, can you believe that? Have you ever seen anything like it?

A: No, that footage was terrifying! And so many people have died…

B: I know. It’s horrible.

A: Horrible.

Totally useless exchanges, if we’re honest with ourselves. Only this latest conversation didn’t stop there. My coworker continued to explain to me (brow all the while still creased in concern for the people effected) that the Japanese were godless and, considering their actions in the past, kind of definitely had it coming to them, this disaster.


Chocking up suffering to divine scale-balancing has been going on since the beginning of God. This answer is comforting only because it’s easy. This answer means you don’t have to think anymore about why your God would even allow pain on his earth. And this answer only works when you aren’t the one being “punished”.

It’s safe to assume I’m just as wrong as everyone else when it comes to our thoughts on The Big Picture, or even what “right” is. I’m convinced not one of us has any clue what’s really going on. But a little compassion wouldn’t hurt, since we’re all so goddamned confused.

Here’s a pretty s0lid list of ways you can donate aid to Japan. Consider it.

2 responses to “Wave of Mutilation

  1. Yes. Yes. Yes.

  2. I’m sure as human beings the Koreans feel compassion for the Japanese. However, the Koreans have every right to hate the Japanese. I mean they did attempt to colonize Korea and while doing so they massacred tens of thousands of Koreans and decimated a species of dog native to Korea to the point of extinction.

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