Weird Shit on Korean TV: The Pride of Mr. Bujpai

Weird Shit on Korean TV is back by popular demand! Yay!

Anyone who spends just a few minutes flipping channels on Korean cable will inevitably notice that Koreans are fascinated by strange things out of India. I can’t tell if it’s a specific program, “Strange Things Out of India”, or if it’s just a program about weird people and a lot of them happen to be from India, either way…

A few weeks ago Erin and I flipped the channel to an Indian man standing in front of a picture he was painting. It was a picture of Jesus. A picture of Jesus that he was painting with his tongue.

Apparently this guy is sort of famous, though I can’t say the tongue painting improves the quality of the art. And it’s ooky.

Then just the other day I happened by another edition of “Strange Things Out of India”. In the spotlight this time? A man with a half foot of wiry black hair sticking out of his ears. Disgusting? I think so.

The pictures speak for themselves. You’re welcome.

Google Translation Says: "Young people are not your hair".

"Left Ear Hair 19 Centimeters."

"Guinness World Record Hair."

Mmm look at me with my sexy hair and sexy sunglasses and sexy popsicle.

"Ear hair the pride of Mr. Bajpai!"

Oh look, an ear on the back of his head too!


4 responses to “Weird Shit on Korean TV: The Pride of Mr. Bujpai

  1. Hey, I am from New Zealand and thinking about heading to Korea next year because I am super bored here in my hometown after spending lots of time in Europe. I am loving your blog! Hilarious AND informative.

    • Thanks! That’s awesome to hear. The EPIK program is pretty awesome, you should definitely look into it!

  2. Hey ladies – just wanted you to know that I picked up at least one reader because you’ve got me on your blog roll – thanks! (and I do believe she’s the commenter above)

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