Music Madness: Contest! Prizes! Magic! Hyperbole!

Surprise! my Korean vocabulary is not so good. In cases where I’m expected to read and comprehend Korean, there is the ever-useful Google Translate. Google Translate is not only handy, but awfully amusing in the hands of me, a  delinquent procrastinator. This is how it works: insert Korean sentence – translate – see understandable, but ludicrous English translation – try again. Results get exponentially ludicrouser with each repetition.

It’s magical.

Using this same highly scientific process, Megan and I have made a little game for you. Here’s how it works: we’ve Google Translated the shit out of 10 pop song lyrics from English to Korean and back again. Whoever identifies the most titles AND artists of said songs correctly is the mothafuckin winner (x3! We’re going to have 3 fucking winners!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!)! You also probably want to be the first one to do so.

you too can be a winner

After you scroll through the lyrics, you’ll find a form at the bottom of the page. Feed your answers and info into that, then send! It’s convenient! (that is to say, politely, please don’t be a fucking boner and put your answers in the comments section thereby incensing my sense of sportsmanship and fair play and my inflated sense of pride at making something challenging. Also, I need your name and email so I can send you some as-of-yet undetermined prize. It might be a bottle of soju, it might be a Skype date with Megan, but it will totally be worth your while.)

Are we ready Lyrical Gangstas? To the game! (HINT: pictures and titles have nothing to do with anything.)

1. Is this realistic?

Is this realistic?
Is this only an illusion?
Caught in avalanche
Escape from reality
Open your eyes
Reported seeing the sky
I’m just a poor boy (poor boy)
Identification is required
I slowly went olnikka
A little bit, a little higher or lower
I must in some way
Really for me, I do not care

2. If you are 23 years old, nobody likes you

If you are 23 years old, nobody likes you
Oh, no TV show directly and fun
Add: What are the alternatives?
My friend should act my age
What’s my age again?
What is it that my old city?


It’s more than a loose kkimyi
I hear the old songs they used to play
When I dream small
‘Til I see within walking distance of the Marian
Marianne distance of my work I see


And I wish that
If I could touch your body
I do not know
You do some exercises such as

But I have to go twice
I ran back to my mind before
And I know every game you play
Because I play them

Oh I
I need a break from time to feel
Time to pick up from the bottom of my heart
And when that love comes down
Without effort
It takes a strong man baby
But I’m showing you the door

Because I had confidence …

5. This is a song for the lady

This is a song for the lady
But people listen to me
You do not always requires fuck her hard

In fact, sometimes I was right
Sometimes, making love
Me and other women smoochies
Sometimes I squeeze in the future
Sometimes just a word
Hey, sometimes
I’m smooth
I’m going to ruin you softly
As you feel high
You carefully gongeulgeoya

6.  She’s my little tough

She’s my little tough
Women’s super-Monster
You read about the kind of woman
New magazine on the results of water
She is very kinky
Women’s shoes monster fur
I love her very tasty
Every time we meet
She’s okay, okay that your child’s
Yes, she’s fine with me
She Monster shoe buffer, shoe buffer is Monster
Sadly, her strange shoe buffer

7. You looked at me, I would juyigi

You looked at me, I would juyigi
Shoot from the side of the head, “I am angry, ” he
You laughed, I was a little after 5 days
“Hold me, let’s go”
Room three days
However, it’s not my fault, in order to realize
Yesterday you’d forgiven me
But two days I’m sorry to say

8.Graying tower alone is used as the sea

Graying tower alone is used as the sea.
You were the forces of darkness in the light of day.
Yinopeun pharmaceutical tablets of love remains.

But, you know
At that time, the eye
My eyes become large and
You can see the light of the bulb.
You be able to compare the gray Naneseo Rose kiss.
Do better
So no, it’s my feeling.
Now you must make sure your roses bloom.
Pressed in the light of a dark gray.


this sun does not give a shit

9.Sometimes the sun do not care

Sometimes the sun do not care
It shows the image
You can taste on my lips
And my clothes smell
Cinnamon and sugar
And softly spoken lies
I do not know what you think
Through the eyes of other people

10.It is recommended that the operation makes it difficult

It is recommended that the operation makes it difficult
Continue to be stronger than we could do
After more time
We never finished the job

BONUS! Extra Credit!

Van weapons load, I heard
Package ready to go to
Highway outside, and some of the grave site, the herd
Nobody knows where
Shooting in the streets away from the sound
I’m getting used to it now
Brownstone living in the ghetto life,
I’ve lived all over town

This night, no party will be
This is not a trick around
Dance, or a baby dovey eulwihan time
I do not have time


UPDATE: Answers and winners will be posted on Monday!

5 responses to “Music Madness: Contest! Prizes! Magic! Hyperbole!

  1. I have NO idea but these are all cracking me up; I did not know that 23 year olds were so unpopular in the world. 🙂

  2. This is just amazing.

  3. Haha! I have not clue to what songs those lyrics belong to, but it’s pretty funny.


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