Apologies and the Return of Smallface

Part 1 – Repentance

So Megan & I took an unexplained and unplanned hiatus. We’we sowwy. Can you find it in your vastly superior and better-looking hearts to forgive us? The blog-apathy and disappearing act are what happens when you have a whole bunch of 6-day weekends thrown at you by your employers (Are you listening, potential EPIK applicants? 6 Day Weekends, or, Winter in Korea.) and also when the weather starts climbing up into the 60s. Also, I’ve been really depressed since I saw Eric Clapton take a sarcastic old man dump on maybe my favorite song ever onstage. Did you know it’s possible to ruin “Layla”? It is. And God is dead and we’re all alone.

Part 2 – Smallface Strikes Back

We haven’t entirely forgotten about you, faithful internet. Here, we have pictures about weirdos and their obsessions with smallface. (What do you mean you didn’t read Part 1 of Smallface?) One is from the bitchiest tv show ever, in which Korean celebrities had their faces scrutinized for who had the smallest face. One picture is from me clambering on top of people inside a bus in Seoul to get a picture of an ad. I also tossed in a few photos from my upcoming coffee table book “Megan Is Angry At Me”. It’s fucking brilliant and fun for the whole family.See if you can guess which ones are which.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ok, so anyway, all of this is a way to say that we’ll be back to your normally scheduled programming tomorrow. Peace out, homes.

5 responses to “Apologies and the Return of Smallface

  1. Isn’t that lovely?
    The only reason I’m allowing this is because I barely contributed to that post and haven’t done shit all week. Otherwise there’d be some asskickin in order.

  2. 6 day weekends? What? Me and my desk have never been closer in this time. I would be outraged, but I think I’m braindead by this point and in the middle of an out-of-body-experience.

  3. Small faces. I swear, other cultures are so weird. But then, I do like a nice rack and a plump behind. So I guess to each his/her own.

  4. The last time I drank TGI Fridays long islands with Megan I fell asleep in the subway and then failed my final while still drunk. In Argentina.

    • BAHAHAHAHAHA BEST STORY EVER DEVIN HOGAN!! I failed that final twice. Once drunk, once sober. You can look forward to seeing yourself in that story in my future autobiography “Memoirs of a Lush”.

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