Because Erin Did It

Okay, Erin posted her gluttonous European pork-filled first grocery trip, so I’m showing you my first trip to the supermarket in Southern Cali. Trader Joe’s, the mecca. I know, I’m a bitch. Get over it.

Freaking delicious. We had mini-appetizer night. Crab cakes, bruschetta, sushi, cheese and crackers, lox and cucumber, all recognizable as “yummies not found in Korea”. It was amazing. The cilantro dressing was my very favorite purchase (I’m not even just lying to spite you Erin).

From left to right: Mini-Pita Chips, Honey Moon, Tuscan Moon, Bay Moon, Pirate Wine :), Red Pepper Spread, Row 2: Lettuce, Crab Cakes, Cream Cheese, Dark Chocolate Pistachio Toffee, Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream Bon Bons, Row 3: Lox, Salami, Brie, Cotswald Onion and Chive, Baguette, Cubed Pancetta, Row 4: Cucumber, Avocado, Mini Heirlooms, TJ's Spicy California Roll, TJ's Cilantro Salad Dressing

2 responses to “Because Erin Did It


    and i see an avocado. fuck you.

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