Erin Writes Haikus #1

again, window gapes

Again, window gapes/sharp wind off the Yellow Sea/my balls, they freeze off

man, love my blue eyes

Man, love my blue eyes/but say no more; love like this/inflames my white guilt

land of morning calm

Land of morning calm/because you can’t buy coffee/until 2 p.m.

annyeong haseyo

Annyeong haseyo/five syllables to say “hi”/note: good for haiku

But, seriously

But, seriously/it’s two degrees Celsius/Why not close windows?

3 responses to “Erin Writes Haikus #1

  1. Greetings fellow K-Blogger,

    My name is Jay and I currently manage a culture and current events blog about South Korea. I found your blog on the Korean blog list and am looking to find other blogs to share a link with. If you would be interested in a link exchange, let me know and I’ll add you to my blog.

    Many Thanks

  2. Delightful. All haikus should start with “But, seriously.”

    Hi, I’m a friend of Sam Raue’s and she told me that since I plan to tour the world in a couple years and write about it, I should definitely check out this blog of her friends. Good tip; hilarity abounds! Hope to meet you at the wedding next year.

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