Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

Well friends, I’ve waited until Thanksgiving is mostly over to post this because I want you to remember it.

I knew what I was getting myself into, coming to another country that doesn’t celebrate wonderful American traditions like stuffing yourself with poultry until you need to unbutton your pants or waking up at 3:00 in the morning to stand in line to go shopping, of all masochistic things. I knew.

But it’s still kind of sad. Especially because there is no good way to really celebrate here. The amount of effort it would require to make a pretend Thanksgiving meal would not be worth it,  because in the end I suspect you’d find yourself with a table full of “rice” stuffing and Korea-tasting potatoes. No thanks.

My coteacher asked me to teach some stuff about Thanksgiving, plus I thought it could be kind of fun for my English Club. Thus I scoured the internet for wonderful child appropriate Thanksgiving ‘things’. There’s a lot less to teach foreigners about Thanksgiving than you think.

So dearies, I give you this, what my Thanksgiving 2010 has been reduced to:

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