I Challenge You to a Duel!

You know those times where you would give anything to have a camera? Or to be able to work your camera in a quick and efficient manner so as to capture whatever fleeting moment you are after? That almost happened today. Except it didn’t because I’m awesome. Read on.

I started to leave the English classroom after 4th period but noticed my favorite coteacher, Mr. Coteach, lingering. I stopped to wait for him and watched while he ceremoniously removed his jacket, surrounded by a group of fourth graders. I frowned at him as if to ask “What the hell man?”

He pointed at a fourth grade boy and answered with a smile, “Me..and Minsu…we fight!”

2 responses to “I Challenge You to a Duel!

  1. I love that your children are enormous hams. “Teacher, teacher: very funny!” Cue turning around, victory sign. And also the little bugger who wants in on the action after the first kid challenged the teacher.

    • Indeed. Interesting how “very funny” sounds a lot like “very phony”! Hahaha.
      And that little kid who jumps in too, he is definitely the class attention whore so I can’t say I’m surprised.

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