I Hate You Too

There’s a problem with sixth graders in Gwangju, maybe in all of Korea, maybe in the whole world: they are assholes. Whiny, bratty little assholes.

In an attempt to fix some of the assholey sixth graders my coteacher decided to divide one of our classes up into two groups, the self-named “Elite” group and the rest. The Elites get to be with me and the others don’t.

As I was doing ‘interviews’ to determine the Elites today, a group of prospects were hanging out around me chatting. Then this happened:

Girl: Megan teacher, Megan teacher!

Me: What?

Girl <pointing at a boy who just got done telling me how scared he was of his interview>: He hates you.



Girl: He hates you because… because…you are….um… He hates you because…<confers with friends while boy nervously shouts “Be quiet!”>

Me: Whaaat? <trying to remember if I’d ever yelled at this boy or singled him out in a way that would justify his hate>

Girl: He hates you because…because…

Girl #2: He hates you because… you…you are American. You are…foreigner. He hates you.


He didn’t deny it. Just stared at me.

I don’t even have anything interesting or funny to say about this, just…Happy Monday!

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