Sex, drugs and rock n roll. Ingredients for the good life, no?

Not in Korea. At least not as far as ‘drugs’ go. Korea doesn’t do drugs. It is the D.A.R.E poster child. And after two months of living in Korea, it’s safe to say that I too could pass a test that meets D.A.R.E standards.

It wasn’t always that way; quite the opposite (sorry, Mom). But when I decided to be an elementary school teacher in another country and commit to embodying all that is wholesome and decent, I had to leave that part of me behind in good ole ‘Merica because that shit don’t fly here.

Which is why my eyes fell out of my head this morning when my coteacher whipped out this clip from Louis CK and played it for the sixth graders, instructing them to count how many times they heard “Why?” and “Because”.

For the record, this video was subtitled. And for the record, I asked my super-Christian-non-alcohol-drinking coteacher, “WTF yo?!?!” and she explained that it is not at all inappropriate for the impressionable 12 year olds, it’s just funny…


One response to “Mind: BLOWN

  1. That. Is. Amazing. I HAVE to find a way to work this into a lesson.

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