So we made it to Seoul and we’re mid-vacation, meaning slightly hungover but making the best of it!

Yesterday was one of the rainiest days I have ever witnessed, thus our plans to do a bus tour of all the major touristy points were, well, rained all over.  So instead we headed to COEX Shopping Center. Which isn’t just a ‘shopping center’. It’s an ENORMOUS shopping complex, complete with mall, aquarium, airport and grocery store (there’s a lot more stuff too).  Koreans love their shopping, so it was a pretty good way to experience Seoul on a crappy day.

The day ended in Itaewon at a bar that had cheapy Jameson shots.  One shot led to another, there were a few mini dance parties, a tour of one of the more prostitute-populated neighborhoods, and an amazing spicy chicken pita thing from a food truck (!!!).

Overall it was a good first day in Seoul.  But, shockingly, it made for kind of a rough morning today.  We spent the afternoon chillin’ in Hongdae, near our hostel.  Hongik University is right here and there are tons of cafes, bars and street art.  We walked for hours and still didn’t see all of  neighborhood.

I did, however, locate my taco truck (not open for the holiday but still awesome cuz I know where to find it on Friday).  Erin spotted the Condomania!, teehee.  And we saw some freakin awesome graffiti and mural sort of paintings.

More Seoul tomorrow! And eventually a more detailed account of our adventures (hello, I know you want pictures from Condomania!)


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