Welcome to The Wanderlust Diary!

What:  A collaborative diary of an impending international adventure!  It begins with a few chicks who need a major change in their lives and who realize that they’ve ignored their wanderlust far too long.  They have begun to face what it would mean to pack up and hit the road.  This blog will serve as a journal of the everyday mundane planning and preparing for a trip, as well as the emotional consequences of leaving family, job and all things familiar.


/ˈwɒndərˌlʌst/ [won-der-luhst]

–noun a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

Who:  Lucy, Rosalita and Layla’s paths crossed one fateful December in the great city of Chicago.  They found that they had much in common, from their day-lives working as secretaries to the way they spend their nights, lamenting just how dull things have become.  A few wine fueled conversations later, they concluded that their destiny is in their own hands and that when it comes to seeing the world, it’s either NOW or never.

When: Conveniently, Lucy, Rosalita and Layla each seem to be free from leases, jobs and family obligations at the end of Summer 2010.  It gives them 7 solid months save some money, tie up loose ends and emotionally prepare for what is sure to be a life changing adventure.

Where: They are more or less committed to South America as their first continent destination.  Buenos Aires holds particular appeal, as Rosalita spent a few semesters there in college.  It gives them one translator, a few contacts and some familiarity that will make the transition more pleasant.

Why: WHY NOT?????????????????

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